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Opéra de Paris : Palais Garnier, numéro 14 Livre Maquette Comprenant Un Texte Historique, Avec Planches Couleur D Couper Permettant De Construire Tr S Pr Cis Ment En Volume La Maquette Qui S Ouvre En Deux Et Vous Permet De D Couvrir Toute L Organisation Int Rieure De L Op Ra Salons, Grand Escalier, Cage De Sc Ne, Machineries Chelle , Base X Cm, Hauteur Cm Langue D Origine Fran Ais Traduction Incluse En Anglais, Allemand, Italien

About the Author: Thierry Hatot

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Opéra de Paris : Palais Garnier, numéro 14 , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Thierry Hatot auteurs dans le monde.

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    This is a fairly complex and beautifully designed paper model, and if you have an interest in the Palais Garnier, in architecture, or just like working on something detailed, then I highly recommend it although you will hopefully have a place to display it it s going to be too big to fit on a bookshelf The artistic features of the building have been painstakingly drawn in, and the gilded areas have been printed in metallic gold The paper used is a good, high quality thick white stock The finished model splits apart down the middle and across the front to show a flat interior on one side and 3 D interiors on the other You do need patience, and a table top that won t be disturbed I highly recommend using a tacky white craft glue it sets quickly which is a huge help here and holds well A hobby knife with spare blades and metal ruler are a must a cutting matt is a good idea I found flat wooden toothpicks and cotton swabs invaluable for both spreading glue and cleaning extraneous blobs out of tight spots.The instructions merit a mild warning On the very last page of the instructions is a crucial guide to the cutting and folding symbols that you ll want to refer to in my opinion, this really should have been up front as it s easy to miss, and it s important Next, each page of building components is clearly labeled A, B, C, etc and each piece is numbered A1, A2, etc For the first half of the model, the instructions detail each step carefully, but when you finish, it then simply says do the same for the second half , except none of the numbered parts corresponds to how the twin component in the first half was numbered I did the two halves fairly close together and was able to recall the sequence of steps, but my recommendation is unless you have a very good memory, do the two halves simultaneously Further, beware that while components for one building section i.e., entrance, library, roof were all on the same page in the first half, for the second half they are somewhat intermixed to efficiently utilize the space on the printed page A last note on what windows get cut out there are little scissor symbols on the page showing what windows get cut out vs left solid, but if you compare the photographs of the finished piece you ll see that sometimes gets cut out than is indicated.Good luck and happy gluing go slowly and carefully The finished model is well worth the trouble.

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    This is going to be a great long term project Everything I expected Item was well packaged and arrived from across the Atlantic in a resonably short time Thanks.

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    would buy again, daughter had fun putting it together as a project

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