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  • The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (Authorized Edition)
  • National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States
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  • 10 April 2019
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10 thoughts on “The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (Authorized Edition)

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    Stunning and informative and depressing and scary It is hard to say what is unnerving about the revelations of this tome that so many conspiracy theories persist, or that the true lessons of it seem to have gone completely unheeded by both sides of the political divide One startling implication of the report is the freezing effect the Republican campaign to impeach Bill Clinton hindered our ability to get Bin Laden Many times, apparently, opportunities were halted for political reasons, and Clinton tried and failed to get Republican support to go after Bin Laden, but he was accused, literally, of wagging the dog That the politics of smear played that big a role in the evolution of events that led to 9 11 should have brought about a bipartisan tone in Washington Alas Also notable is the fact that the few successes that day particularly the air traffic controllers who grounded all planes in 3 hours despite not having any plan for such an unprecedented action were down to a lack of bureaucracy In their final report, they advised against against developing a set of rules or guidelines for another such future event, noting that the freedom to think and use their own individual judgment is the only reason they air traffic controllers succeeded that day Also notable in the report an overwhelming lack of any evidence that Iraq was involved in 9 11 The report makes it clear that Clinton didn t have the political strength, let alone support, to do anything about terrorism even though he knew it was the most important issue of the day, and Bush didn t want to hear anything about terrorism because he had an anything but Clinton policy The lesson of the 9 11 Commission Report is not one of conspiracy or of evil It is one of incompetence and sadness, and every American should read it.NC

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    There s not a whole lot to say on this report as there quite frankly is not a whole lot to the report This is one of the worst pieces of investigative committee work that I have ever seen They provide NO alternate viewpoints to the questions that so many are asking as to the holes in the official version The complete collapse of building 7 is not even mentioned, and the report reads like a work of fiction, which in many cases one is compelled to believe that it is This book and this report would NEVER hold up in a serious investigation in an impartial court of law of course you would have to go outside of the United States to get that as any judge in this country will tow the government line If you can read this book with a straight face and not have numerous questions by REALLY paying attention to the text, then you re a better person than I

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    I decided to read this book after some of the hype died down surrounding its release I also wanted to have a little perespective as 9 11 was such a nationally traumatic event even when you live in Phoenix and have never visited New York The report starts off with an insanely dramatic recounting of the events of the morning of Septemeber 11th, 2001 Nearly every sentence has a footnote listing the commission s source for the information conveyed in that sentence which all you Loose Change , 9 11 Truth movement people would do well to read This thorough level of detail vividly brings alive the horror of that morning The tone of the writing is Hemingwayesque not many adjectives, a paucity of adverbs This only heightens the drama, and tension of the hijackings There are a slew of tiny details I had no idea of before reading this For example, when Mohamed Atta told Flight 11 that they have a bomb, and are returning to the airport, he accidently presses the button that relays the message to Air Traffic Control Atta lets slip we have some planes Nobody in Air Traffic Control picks up on this essential fact which may have helped to identify the other hijacked airlines earlier Another sinister detail involves Flight 75, which was asked to visually confirm Flight 11 This was their last transmission The first section ends with the crashing of all four hijacked airplanes, relegating the collapse of the World Trade Center to a later chapter The next few sections deal with a backround on terrorism against U.S targets mostly overseas as well as the U.S s burgeoning efforts in counterterrorism Al Qaeda is also given a chapter, recounting their formation and growth Most of these chapters also read fairly easy, although there is a bit of acronym soup in reading about the different agencies tasked with counterterrorism In reading this section alone, you can see why this attack wasn t thwarted there was way too much beaucracy, and not enough information sharing It was difficult to keep track of who worked in what agency and what they were responsible for trying to stop The FBI was domestic, the CIA was foriegn, but nobody was domestic AND foriegn After giving this background the report continues by recounting the planes operation from a grandiose idea in the mind of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to the morning of September 11th In reading this section, you realize how many opportunities the U.S had to recognize this plot and put a stop to it Meaning, Al Queada wasn t perfect, they made mistakes that the U.S could have capitalized on Al Queada did do a good job of covering its tracks and selecting innocuous looking western muslims to train as pilots, and then not bringing the muscle hijackers into the country until a couple weeks before the attacks The so called Hamburg cell, had all lived in the West for at least three years They understood how to blend in, and far from being poor, economically exploited middle easterners they had all benifited from the West s openess to educate muslims from the middle east, and most came from well off families And yet the simmering hate of the West was fostered in mosques which preached violence against a society that shunned the God of Islam But really, if you look past the religion, you see these people for what they really are sociopaths Especially Mohamed Atta, which in character bore a striking resemblance to Eric Harris the Columbine shooter who also thought the world inferior and corrupt, and seeing himself as better, needed to show the world their inferiority by killing them and ultimately himself It s frightening to think that the pilots of the hijacked planes lived in the U.S for two years, the whole time living as assimilated westerners, avoiding mosques for the most part and shying away from any public displays of being a devout muslim They kept the hate buring inside all this time, trying to fly large jets, knowing each morning what they were training for to kill thousands of people The saddest story of the four pilots is Ziad Jarrah, who had a girlfriend in Germany, whom he seemed to genuinely love Jarrah seemed the most uncomfortable with the plot and refused to sever ties with his family as the other pilots had done Al Queada was even training another pilot in case Jarrah dropped out In the end Jarrah went through with it, killing 44 people And while there is no solid evidence, it seems he did it out of peer pressure than a true hatred of the West The next section recounts the devastation that occured after the planes were crashed The tragedy of the north and south towers both unfolded in a similar fashion A lack of communication had 911 operators telling people to stay put fire and police gave evacuation orders, but trouble with communication lines meant everyone didn t receive this order This section also tended to be confusing as there were multiple groups who responded to the crashes and at times it was hard to keep them apart The report ends with an explanation of what happened and how, and also gives some recommendations of governmental changes to insure an attack of this magnatude does not occur again While this section was written with good intentions, in reading the previous 300 pgs., it s obvious what happened and why The intellegence community wasn t designed to stop this type of attack, thus they didn t The design of these agencies also discouraged open mindedness, and radical thinking, which might have helped recognize the exact nature of the threats pouring in from different agencies Alas this didn t happen, and sadly, it doesn t seem that the government has implemented all the suggested changes One issue I had with the report was the lack of information regarding President Bush and his cabinet The commision didn t try and get the bottom of why Bush didn t take these threats seriously They kept appearing in his presidential briefings, yet he seemed okay with not going after this group for another year or two Also when there is conflicting accounts of what was said and when most of which are pretty obvious when one person is lying, as their contradiction always clears them of responsibility the commision should have done work in ascertaining what really happened, as over 3000 people died that day, and if someone wasn t doing their job as they should have and that contributed to the attacks not being stopped, there should be some sort of repurcussion, or, at the very least, an apology Yet the commmision hides behind the hindsight is 20 20 rationale, which didn t work for me in high school when my teacher asked me why I didn t finish my homework, or why I didn t let someone know when that nerdy kid was being picked on My inablilty to act has, in a small way, contributed to the bullying of that kid, as I did nothing to stop it And in many ways it s worse for these government agencies, as in high school it wasn t my JOB to stop bullying, yet it was the President s sworn duty to protect the American people And on the morning of September 11th he failed in doing this And sadly, as far as I know, he s never apologixed for this, nor has he even admitted to such a tragic failure.

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    Can you really have an informed opinion on historical political events that have taken place since 9 11 without reading the commission report No.

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    What was left to read after it was hollowed out to store my throwing stars was substandard investigating, political jargon, and black flag waving.

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    I think every American should read this or at least listen to the audio CD at least once in their lives, even the conspiracy theorists There is a reason this report was a finalist for the National Book Award, it is a staggeringly skillful enunciation of the back story to 9 11 Although, because this is a government panel, blame on other government officials is not dealt with much Rather, the commission recommends broad institutional changes in our government many of which have been heeded So if you want a personal or character driven understanding to 9 11 this is not the book I would recommend The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright for that but if you are looking for an institutional governmental understanding of how such an event could occur, then I believe the panel did their job and truly produced that understanding no holds barred Basically, our various organizations didn t share as much information with each other as they should have and the federal arm of the government felt superior to the state agencies, etc in the field Which lead to organizations competing against each other then working with each other There were plenty of red flags pre 9 11, they may have been able to prevent the disaster but it probably would of just band aided the problem The area of the report that will really piss you off is the missed opportunities to get Bin Laden abroad I can only imagine the internal anger the operators in the field must feel knowing how close they were to taking him out.

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    Be prepared for a long read At 428 pages, it s a bit of a doozy, but I felt it was important for me to read this Overall, it s fascinating Some parts were too technical for me especially towards the end, it discusses restructuring of government entities, and I just lacked some of the knowledge and or interest to find it totally understandable Some parts were difficult to read Some parts were frustrating Of course, hindsight is always 20 20, and we must remember that while a lot of the facts unearthed in this tome show that perhaps, the attacks were not as unfathomable and unpredictable as officials claimed, the majority of people in charge were doing their jobs to the best of their abilities It also reaffirms a respect for our first responders, for the inherent good in human beings, and the good of our nation.So to sum it up, it was of course a challenging book, not only due to the tremendous scope but the subject matter However, for anyone who wants to know a bit about one of the days that will live in infamy for all Americans, I d say give it a shot, but bargain on spending some time here I read it much slowly than other works, simply because it s a lot to digest twenty pages at a time seemed my average intake.

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    This book is an incredibly good read considering the genre committee report Keeping track of all the names is harder than reading War and Peace and I hope that one day they ll publish and indexed version so that it would be easier to go back and link up people with their various roles in the plot and its aftermath Compelling, scary, instructive, but also makes you wonder what isn t in there that we also ought to know.Reading this while I was also watching 24 on DVD was an interesting study in contrast In real life the American government seems bungling at best when it comes to counter terrorism surveilance and technology and the terrorists seem to be functioning at the most basic level yet they succeed On 24, the government has every necessary tool to surveil and track terrorists and they have a ready, willing, and able torturer on hand to get anything that the satellites fail to disclose , and the terrorists are all high tech super stars who rarely succeed Huh.

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    I had wanted to read this book for a while now and it was hard to get through, but I was finally able to get to it After reading extensively on the topic over the years, I can say that I believe this book is a disgusting excuse of a commission report, not investigative at all and the ultimate insult to the victims of 9 11 and their families It reads like a novel and there is very little engineering or architectural investigation It focuses mainly on pointing fingers at both the Clinton and Bush administrations as well as the various government departments that were apparently so grossly unprepared for an attack in the heaviest defense spender and most surveilled country in the world If the book does any good, it points out that being partisan lead to a serious misstep in the government and that all of our tax money has gone to waste Here is everything I can think of off the top of my head that was NOT mentioned Building 7 being pulled as said by owner Larry Silverstein who profited greatly from the attacks , OBL denying he did the attacks only to later supposedly change his mind, the lack of WMDs in Iraq, the missing taxes announced September 10th being in the section of the Pentagon that was hit and consequently destroyed or that specific side of the Pentagon being remodeled beforehand to withstand a plane or drone attack , the builder of the WTC saying they were made to withstand several plane hits, ANY real scientific explanation of how and why the buildings basically demolished onto themselves the exact same way Building 7 was purposefully demolished the list goes on and on and on The reason this book reads like a novel is because it is exactly that a fictitious piece of literature pushed out by every bought and sold media outlet while ignoring facts, science and common sense I believe every American or person interested in this topic should read this book and others, as well as do other research to connect the dots for themselves.

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    If you are unfortunate enough to have the NYT copy of the report, skip the first 100 pages where the NYT tears down the country It was sickening The report itself is fairly comprehensive and unbiased I tried to read the NYT slant and was truly surprised to see how anti American they are and that was back in 2004 when it was published.Read the report, skip the anti American rhetoric at the front.

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The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (Authorized Edition)Nearly Three Thousand People Died In The Terrorist Attacks Of September , In Lower Manhattan, On A Field In Pennsylvania, And Along The Banks Of The Potomoc, The United States Suffered The Single Largest Loss Of Life From An Enemy Attack On Its SoilIn November The United States Congress And President George W Bush Established By Law The National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States, Also Known As The Commission This Independent, Bipartisan Panel Was Directed To Examine The Facts And Circumstances Surrounding The September Attacks, Identify Lessons Learned, And Provide Recommendations To Safeguard Against Future Acts Of Terrorism This Volume Is The Authorized Edition Of The Commission S Final Report This Volume Is The Authorized Edition Of The Commission S Final Report

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