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The Unity This Is A Book With An Unusual Layout Intended To Make Reading Fast And Pleasant.A Very Ordinary Young Man Larry With Messy Brown Hair, Sparkling Brown Eyes And An Unshaven Look Meets A Pretty Blond Alana With Bluish Green Eyes And A Slight British Accent Who Turns Out To Be Anything But Ordinary Alana Appears To Be Surrounded By An Almost Electric Field Of Influence Strangely, She Always Wears The Same Clothes She Has A Mysterious Attractiveness Which Leads Him To Enter Into A Fairytale Romance Only To Discover That Nothing Is As It Seems Truth Comes Through A Series Of Mind Shattering Revelations The Story Twists In An Increasingly Strange And Shocking Direction That Ends In Catastrophe Yet She Transforms Into A Different Person And They Meet Again Unfortunately, Their Relationship Ends Once In Even Greater Tragedy Finally, They Meet In Another Life Which Leads Them To Pass Through The Singularity Into An Era Of Consummate Goodness There They Are Empowered By Their Own Souls Ascendant And Return To This Age To Seal The Victory Of Good Over Evil.

About the Author: H. Barton Wilson

I am a very agreeable and highly self disciplined man who is closing in on age 75 and has been happily married to the same lady for almost half a century We have 2 children adopted I am a veteran 8 years of service, honorable discharge Professionally, I was a hands on do my own code computer system designer My professional role has varied at times Now, I write and publish.

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