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Combustible Punch Rick Philips Isn T A Fighter But He Is A SurvivorHaunted By Memories Of A High School Shooting, Not Even The Bottle Can Wash Away The Gnawing Guilt And Creeping Feelings Of Inadequacy That Batter Rick S Conscience Daily.His Life Has Been A Mess Of Broken Marriages, Writer S Block, Terrible Choices, And The Morbid Pity Of Others.When He Meets Harriet At A Writer S Conference, The Record Doesn T Scratch As He Falls Back Only This Time, He May Not Get Up.Harriet Bristol Wheeler Is A Dark Temptress And Self Confessed Serial KillerHarriet Has No Problem Killing And Even Fewer Issues Blending Back Into The Background After The Act With The Cool, Calculating Eye Of A Practiced Social Chameleon.Manipulative, Unpredictable, And Exceptionally Intelligent, She S Rick S Worst Nightmare And The Ideal Subject For His Next Book.A Book That They Are Both Desperate To Write.Time Is Running Out But The Sadness Will Last ForeverRick Has No Choice But To Enter The Cracked Twilight Of Harriet S World And Confront The History Of Her Murderous Choices Up Close.As Rick Starts To Gather The Evidence For His Long Anticipated Book, He Finds Himself Looking Into Answers That Put Him In Even Danger Than Before But This Time, He May Not Survive At All.In The Vein Of Stieg Larsson And Thomas Harris, Combustible Punch Is A Memorable Novel That Captivates Readers And Lingers Long After The Last Page Thriller Suspense Paulmichaelpeters Bestseller Bestsellerauthor Serialkiller Psychologicalthriller Psychologicalthrillers

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    Once I started this book I had to stay with it and finally finished it at 3 00 a.m.Rick Philips is an alcoholic, a man down on his luck, not a professor but teaching several classes at the college, while living in a bare bones graduate apartment in a not so nice, older section of the college He at least owns a nice chair and one coffee cup among other things Divorce number 2 has virtually left him penniless, living check to check He has published one book many years ago with his former wife Rick has not been able to really write anything worth publishing since then.He has been speaking at a writers conference where he meets up with Harriet Bristol Wheeler After a night of heavy drinking and abusive sex, Harriet tells him that she wants him to write her story confessing to him that she is a serial killer.He leaves not really believing her Then she meets him to discuss the book and blackmails him with pictures of her nude body with various bruises, scratches and nasty red spots from their wild night of brutal sex He is shocked and, no, she wont tell him how she got those pictures.Still friendly with his former wife, who helped him write his first book, he finds himself telling her about Harriet and the fact that she claims to be a serial killer She encourages him and wants to be his agent She helped him write his first book and of course she will help him, after all it will mean money for her.After making a list of what he will want from her Rich meet with Harriet once again She agrees to everything She is dying and wants money for her daughter from the published book Rick is finally convinced when she takes him to one of the twelve bodies and he finds it just as she described Harriet doesn t like bad people and they seem to have this bloom or aura around them.He keeps drinking even though he promised his former wife that he wouldn t while writing his book His drinking helps with his terrible headaches and the remembering of being shot while in high school He seems to operate in a daze or numbness as he continues to investigate.As he begins his research into serial killers and mass murderers, he begins to fear that he will become victim number 13 She entices him with her stories of who she killed, the whys and hows as she leads him to the bodies.One night Rick walks outside his apartment on the walkway around the apartments, when he realizes that he has locked himself out Noticing a light on in the apartment 2 doors down, he is freezing when he knocks on her door and Sam, a graduate student, lets him in Seems like this has happened before and with a tool she gets his window open It seems that they are both lonely and she drops by often and become friends

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    I received an advanced reader copy for free I have enjoyed all of Paul s books this one was quite intense and kept me intrigued until the end trying to figure out what the main character was really going to do I would rate this my third favorite book of Paul s behind Peter in Flight and the Mr Memory short stories.The character development is excellent and the plot lines kept me reading chapter by chapter as I was fully engrossed in the book way past my bedtime I would recommend this book and actually any of Paul s books they are all different and appeal to different areas of my reading rainbow of books.

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    This was certainly an intriguing read with fascinating if very flawed characters.I liked the way that the story progressed and the interaction between the characters which resulted in some very unusual situations with new surprises being thrown into the mix along the way.The only real criticism that I had with this book is that I found it quite difficult to empathise with the character of Rick, maybe it s because he s so flawed, but I just couldn t relate to him.Apart from that, however this is a very interesting, book with lots of excitement and well paced.I received an advance copy of the book, but this honest review was voluntarily written.

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    This story is about two totally different people One who survived a high school shooting and feels guilty for the rest of his days The other one is a serial killer They meet at a writers conference and little does either know that time is running out for one of them Will it be the writer or the serial killer You will have to read the book to find out I liked how the characters are written and the way that they are put together The story is one I am not sure I would ever imagine together but it works really well I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book

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    Complex characters who start as interesting intriguing and then evolve throughout the book A story that is like a roller coaster ride exciting and scary at the same time and also has quiet lulls before the next white knuckle section Thank you, Paul, for a great story.

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