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    This story is of a family based in the current day dealing with the after effects of a marriage split and the effects it has on all members of the family for years to come I was hooked from the off, Ian casually leaves Mandy, Zoe and Jude after she finds him in bed with another woman The story is told from Mandy the wife and Jude the sons perspective, mainly about the actions of self centered teenager Zoe The story is full of highs and lows, hope and despair, keeping you turning those pages.My second Nick Alexander book, I really like his writing style, his books draw me in straight away and I am invested in the characters very quickly loving or loathing At one stage I thought the ending was going to disappoint but instead I was wiping a tear from my eye Happy to recommend this great book and looking forward to reading the next Nick Alexander.Corralejo reviewers received a copy of the book to review

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    This book flows beautifully and is hard to put down It s an I ll just read a little book that I read late into the night. The characters are well drawn but the joy of this book is in the sensitively portrayed emotional journey of the main characters Generally I m happy to skip paragraphs If I m not fully engaged but with this book I read every single word I appreciated the fact that you don t hear Zoe s point of view initially so you are as much in the dark as Mandy and Jude and I loved the futuristic twist at the end The characters are so well described that not only do we fully understand their emotions but they become real in your mind s eye, especially colourful Jess.Overall a well written book about relationships and family dynamics, eminently believable and wonderfully described.

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    Brilliantly written I couldn t put it down and found myself itching to get back into it at every opportunity An excellent and very believable story that I can honestly say I enjoyed from start to finish.The characters were very likeable and I found myself getting quite emotional towards the end of the book.I have always been a loyal reader of Nick Alexander and he certainly hasn t disappointed me with his latest masterpiece Congratulations on a wonderful book

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    Wow, this one really got me I don t know if it s because I m a mother, or that I ve been through similar experiences to Mandy Zoe actually it s probably a combination of all three Humans, their emotions and thought processes are so complex I ve read most of Nick s book and I still love them This one is so powerful that it actually kept me awake at night I seriously hope you give it a shot, because it s totally worth it

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The Road to Zoe She Ran Away From The Truth, But She Can T Run Forever Seven Years After His Sister Vanished Without A Trace, Jude Is On The Road, Determined Not To Return Home Until He Has Found Her He Wants To Reunite His Broken Family, But Than This He Wants To Know Why Zoe Left What Happened When They Were Kids, On That Terrible Day When Everything Fell ApartThey D Been Enjoying The Funfair Grasping A Rare Moment Of Happiness Following Their Parents Divorce When After A Ride Together, Zoe Had Stopped Speaking To Her Mother S New Partner Though Mandy Believed He Was The Man She D Waited All Her Life For, Her Love For Her Daughter Trumped Even That, And Soon Suspicions Of An Unthinkable Betrayal Shattered The FamilySo Finding Zoe Would Be Just The Start If Jude Can Find Her, Then What Happens Next Will Depend On The Story She S Been Carrying With Her All These Years Because When Families Are Destroyed By Dark Secrets, Can The Wounds Ever Truly Heal