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Heros Haven (Dark Protectors Book 11) He S Her Darkest Fantasy After Years Of Struggling, Haven Daly Has Finally Accepted That She S Nuttier Than A Fruitcake Why Else Would She See Visions Of A Beautiful But Tormented Male Every Night And Actually Believe She Can Talk To Him, Even Feel His Touch But Thanks To Those Dream Journeys, She Can Paint Images Nobody Else On Earth Can Duplicate In Each Brush Stroke, She Captures The Blatant Masculinity And Raw Desire In His Eyes That Promise He S Coming For Her And Soon She S The Light That Keeps Him Going Quade Kayrs Has Already Suffered A Lifetime Of Pain And Torture Completely Isolated, He Kept His Sanity Thanks To One Beautiful Female, A Vision With Kind Emerald Eyes In The End, Her Soft Voice Led Him Out Of Hell Now, Naked And Alone, He S In A Strange World That Bears Little Resemblance To The One He Left Behind All He Knows Is Haven All He Wants Is Haven His Final Mission To Protect Her From The Evil Hunting Them Both Whether She Likes It Or Not Spicy Romantic Interplay Highly Recommended Library Journal On Vampire S Faith Sizzling Sex Scenes And A Memorable Cast Publishers Weekly On Claimed A Fast Paced, Excitement Filled Explosion Of Action Zanetti Keeps Getting BetterRT Book Reviews OnMarked, Stars Top Pick

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    Haven finds her Hero Loved returning to the Realm with our Dark Protectors and finding out about Quade and Haven I can only imagine the frustration Quade would feel coming to this new world and experiencing everything, in our time with our current technology for the first time and trying to navigate it all while trying to fight the enemy This story is non stop action and I absolutely loved it I hope we get as I would love to see Benny find himself a mate, even after he s proclaimed he ll be a bachelor for the rest of his life Thank you to Netgalley, Rebecca and the publisher for my advanced copy for which I leave my honest review

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    The man is just intrigued by his woman, Quade s nostrils flared, but he bent to do her bidding Way too bossy, he muttered Haven is in awe with her man s reactions to things, the toothpaste was delicious Can we acquire of it He d eaten all of it Quade tends to be dense at times, no He nodded as if satisfied with a job well done Not joking You know the truth We shall mate tonight, then He s just not a subtle one, he ate half of his sandwich in one bite Let s talk about mating Now Haven nearly choked on her ham sandwich She finished chewing and swallowed I liked this book, I loved Quade.

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    Love this series Cannot believe this is the 11th book in this series Zanetti is an author that keeps me so glued to my kindle that I loose sleep because of her Quade is a member of the Seven who has been abandoned in a realm filled with darkness and torture Haven is an artist that visits him and draws this DARK world Together they race toward answers and romance A copy of this book was provided by Lyrical Press via Netgalley with no requirements for a review Comments here are my honest opinion.

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    The next dose of sexy hot vampire has arrived The Dark Protectors saga is faithfully perpetuated by its creator in book 11 Hero s Haven had so much danger, action, and romance that I finished it in less than 24 hours To recap, Quade Kayrs is a vampire demon member of The Seven who has been trapped in an alternate world for a thousand years while he has been fighting to keep a powerful enemy, Ulric of the Kurjan Cyst, from returning to Earth Due to catastrophic events in Book 7, the alternate worlds are collapsing and Quade is prepared to perish inside his otherworldly prison.Throughout his exile he has had visions of a beautiful, but curiously dressed, angel named Haven appear to him in his hell world When Haven finally grabs his hand and tells him to go , what has he got to lose Landing back on Earth, Quade and Haven finally realize that the other is than a recurrent dream and feel an instant attraction towards each other.There s a lot at stake while they figure out important stuff Haven s nonhuman heritage, rejoining the rest of The Seven, evading the humans, Kurjans, and other enemies stalking them, and what to do about the Kayrs mating mark that appeared on Quade s palm when he touched Haven To complicate things, it has become dangerous for Haven to fall asleep because Ulric is trying to manipulate her in her dreamworld.This is all very exciting, which explains how quickly I needed to read it Members of the Kayrs royal family are involved Especially intriguing are the scenes with Hope Kayrs Kyllwood The Lock, the Prophet, demon crown princess, vampire princess, secret friend to a Kurjan leader s son, dreamworld navigator, and all around adorable seven year old schemer I really loved all of it There is one small caveat, which is due to my history as a Zanetti fan who has read all of her Dark Protector books multiple times Since Quade and Haven were introduced in earlier books I was really looking forward to Hero s Haven with high expectations Quade and Haven reminded me of my favourite couple, Jase and Brenna in Shadowed, a hero tortured for ten years and the little witch who had a childhood crush on him Well, Quade has been tortured for MILLENNIA and Haven has been mysteriously painting him from her dreams So, I was ready for a collision of unbridled desire But then one was I must honour my vow, I must sacrifice my life and the other was I won t belong to anyone, I don t do forever and it seemed like I myself, the reader, was the only one with the angsty need for them get on with the mating Such orchestrated frustration Argh, you got me Rebecca Zanetti Got me hooked This is my sincere and voluntary review of a publisher provided ARC via NetGalley.

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    Hero s Haven is another fast paced, breathtaking installment in this author s Dark Protector series This paranormal romance is a wild ride full of action and suspense and I absolutely loved both Haven and Quade The world that this author has created with her unique take on all of the paranormal creatures the Kurjans, demons, vampires, and fae is phenomenal and I like how she crafts each book with a focus on one particular couple all while keeping up with the interconnecting storylines.In the previous books, we learn that Quade has spent thousands of years in another world to protect the realm from Ulric The horrors that this demon vampire hybrid has endured is shocking Haven is a very talented artist who paints her visions and has visited Quade in her dreams When Quade s world implodes and he is forced back on Earth, the poor girl believes she s hallucinating when she finally meets him face to face Quade s character is rather endearing He is the usual demanding, protective male that we all know and love from this author s works, but he is also hilarious when it comes to all of his idiosyncrasies as he acclimates to being a part of the modern world I liked Haven as a heroine as she is wildly independent, a survivor of a crazy past, and refuses to put up with Quade s overbearing nonsense Their connection is palpable, but being together isn t easy as there are many forces throwing obstacles in their way.I feel like in this book, compared to the previous one, that the underlying story progressed We see of the cyst and the Seven, view a bit from Hope s POV, and discover about the other dimensions dream worlds It was fun to get reacquainted with some the members of the Realm and the Seven from the previous books I suppose, in theory, that Hero s Haven could be read as a standalone as it is the story of Quade and Haven, but given the interconnecting characters and the overall underlying series plot, I do recommend starting with this series earlier books I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley.

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    So I wasn t looking forward to this novella because Quade Karys and his eternity spent in an alternate dimension sacrificing himself to save the world, yawn, all the angst, yawn But I was pleasantly surprised, this was about Haven Daly the apparently human who has been drawing Quade and the other members of the Seven, plus alternate dimensions, for years.Haven rescues Quade from the alternate dimension just when he thinks all hope is lost, but Quade s rescue brings the release of the Big Bad Ulric ever closer.It turns out Haven isn t remotely human, she s a hitherto unknown hybrid, her adoptive parents are religious zealots who think Haven is possessed by a demon and have been hunting her for the past decade, little do they know they have hired a deranged cougar shifter to track her down.So far and I was loving it, but then Quade defaulted to the domineering, me right you wrong, alpha hole mentality and I lost interest Also, isn t it a rule that you can t rely on anything said in the throes of passion You certainly can t believe a guy when he says he loves you so why should Quade extract a promise to obey him in everything by withholding orgasms Anyhoo, when Quade starting laying down the law, and he only wanted to mate Haven so that he could take on her powers and go and rescue the lost Fae imprison Ulric on his own talk about a metaphor for marriage taking power away from women I lost interest Also, does it seem to anyone else that Pierce and Ulric are quite frankly clever and powerful that the Seven Just putting it out there Anyway, Quade hits some of my PNR buttons so this was only a three star read for me, others may well adore his manly take charge nature Can mad Ben be the next of the Seven to find a mate And please for the love of all that is holy can we kill imprison Ulric forever now I received a free copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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    Haven Daly and Quade Kayrs have been dreaming about each other for years, with Haven on Earth believing herself to be crazy, and Quade in his dimension trying to keep Ulric from escaping Quade believed the end was in sight for him and he was embracing it with open arms, when Haven appeared and somehow pulled him back into the real world The two have to go on the run together to escape the Kurjans, and eventually they find their way to the rest of Quade s band of brothers Slowly Haven came to realize that she is not crazy after all, and there is a perfectly logical explanation for everything.Quade seemed to adapt really fast to being around other people after spending centuries alone and in pain and despair I really liked Haven She was dealing with a lot of things in her life that didn t make sense, and an adoptive father whose main mission in life is to literally exorcise her demons This book brought of the Seven together for their final mission to rid the world of Ulric We also see of the other characters in Realm Headquarters, and that was a lot of fun to read I would love it if they could get their acts together and start working with each other, instead of being so secretive all the time The action was exciting, and the relationship between Quade and Haven built up really well I also like the title, it works well for this story Can t wait to read .I received an advanced copy of the book from Netgalley to review All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    This is the first book I ve read in this series For information, the fact that I haven t read any of the previous books did not detract from the story whatsoever It did however make me wish I d read earlier books in this series The Realm full of every supernatural creature you can think of I m sure, has hybrids such as demon vampires, demon fairies, as well as shifters and amongst other things a priest wanting to perform exorcisms The story follows Haven Daley and Quade Kayres, two beings who it would seem, have dreamt of each other, quite literally for years, and when they finally meet, sparks fly, as it seems they were made for each other Quade though, is not used to stubborn independent women, and it s fun watching him learn all about modern day life Haven however is not going to let anyone boss her around, even Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome, with the alpha genes No she s definitely going to give him a run for his money A story full of romance and action not for the faint hearted, there s quite a bit of bloodshed , and a completely addictive supernatural storyline with some pretty colourful characters I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is my honest review.

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    Haven is an artist and believes she s crazy She has painted a man she talks to in her dreams She is running from her adopted parents because they think she has a demon in her and she must be saved Quade is one of the Seven, made to protect the supernaturals They are a secretive group and it is an extremely painful process He has been in another world for centuries, trying to keep Ulrich, a bad demon, from returning Apparently his world exploded and Haven has brought him to Earth The Kayrs mating mark appears on Quade s hand and knows Haven is his mate He must find his brothers and figure out how to keep Ulrich in his own world But demons and crazies want Haven and she ll have to fight to stay one step ahead of them Can Quade learn how to love and convince Haven to mate him I absolutely loved this story It has lots of action and is very funny in places I cracked up, Quade is just too cute and sweet Haven is talented and different but is also strong and independent I can t wait to read the rest in this series Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley

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    Quade Kayrs has been visited and painted by Haven, all while she thinks she is hallucinating When he is found and she helps to keep him safe she learns she may not need the medications she has been given to control what everyone assumed was a mental illness She saves him He saves her They fall for each other but Quade is determined to fulfill his role in a mission that may result in his sacrificing his life I love this series and this book definitely did not disappoint There are many characters and it is a joy to read them interacting and the community growing I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.