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    A group of unlikely teens join up and explore a haunted asylum before it s destruction Add typical characters, typical plot, throw in a gripping ghost story for good measure and you ve got Project 17 The characters seemed quite cliche There s a comic relief, strong attractive lead man, attractive brainiac, goth girl, and and the two theater kids who were very annoying What gripped me the most though was the underlying story of a girl haunting the asylum I HAD to keep turning pages until it was resolved The ending of Mimi was quite nice It held me on for a day which is as long as I took to read this with it s ghost story I give it TWO stars because I like...

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    Derik LaPlaya LaPointe decides he doesn t want to end up flipping burgers at his parent s diner for the rest of his life So he gets the idea to be a film director, his first project being a movie about a group of teenagers crazy enough to spend the night in a haunted mental hospital the eve of its demolition Now all he needs is a cast Mimi, the goth chick, Chet, the comic relief, Liza, the gorgeous braniac, and Tony and Greta, two drama geeks But once inside the hospital, the teens realize this may be than they bargained for First off, I am confused about the audience of this book The writing is juvenile and the plot reminded me of one of those Disney Channel movies they play around Halloween, but there were sexual references and some cussing So I don t know.Some reviewers describe this as The Blair Witch Project meets The Breakfast Club, and I can see where they are coming from Except in The Blair Witch Project I was ready to piss my pants and in The Breakfast Club I actually came to like the characters Not so much in this book.The reason I picked this book up was not because of the glowing enter sarcasm here reviews or interesting sarcasm premise It was because the Danvers State Hospital reminded me a lot of the aban...

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    Instead of reading this book, turn on the sci fi channel and save yourself the trouble The blurb on the back of the book reminds me very much of a sci fi movie Death Tunnel was the name, I believe It s not that this is a bad book The ending is satisfying, the humor is aimed for teens so as a teen, I was amused , and the plot is enticing.However, it was very disappointing I kept waiting to see some sort of ghostly presence or feel a sense of danger for the cliche characters, but I didn t I tore through the parts of Derek, Mimi, and Chet, but the other characters I could care less about I feel as though they were added in simply to add them in.PROS X Quick Read.X Enticing beginning.X Spooky, paranormal element to it.X Satisfactory conclusion.CONS X No real sense of danger Creepy haunted asylum, should have plenty of opportunity for insanity, but everything turned out to be anticlimactic X Cliche characters Some of them felt useless.X Unrealistic setting The grafiti was the only thing that seemed realistic to me The...

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    Ages 11 some mild language The Breakfast Club meets the Blair Witch Project, blandly Not scary enough, and the supernatural elements are never clearly stated Was there really a ghost haunting Or wasn t there On the level with Lois Duncan, maybe not enough for high school horror fans.

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    9 6 18 Let s just this girl ruined another favorite in a blazing fire.Upon rereading, I noticed some major glaring errors and the feels were no longer there and the characters were a bit of a mess I mean, a lot of a mess They only had super surface level characterization, and they fit into molds of characters than actual people However, Laurie Faria Stolarz can write an atmosphere right, and always one of my favorite things about this book was the setting and the atmosphere That certainly didn t change But reading back, it lost a ton of its magic, and I was so not invested in anything Updated rating 2 crowns, Cinderella rating, and a spot sadly off the favorites spot Something in 2016 Review where I was lost in a haze or something The perfect book for a Halloween read I think I have a lot to blame on this book I have to blame my love of ghostie books on this one I have to blame my love of abandoned insane asylums or hospitals on this book I have to blame my love of cheering on any dual POV book by Laurie Faria Stolarz on this book And lastly, I have to blame my love of a bunch of rough and tumble kids going on secret adventures on this book.I loved this book Correction, years later, I still love this book I ve never been a horror girl and I most definitely will never be but this is horror and thriller done right This book is about a group of kids that go in...

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    Have you seen the movie Session 9 Did you like The Blair Witch Project If so, you need to read Project 17 Derek wants to be a film maker and he has come up with the perfect subject for a movie He is planning to enter his film about teens spending the night inside the haunted Danvers State Hospital into a contest The only thing he needs now is a cast.Mimi is a goth chick She begins helping Derek plan by drawing story boards for possible scenes and showing him the ways to get into the hospital at night without getting caught by the security guards that are always on duty Mimi has a special reason for wanting to see inside the abandoned mental institution and has been thinking about it for a long time.Liza is a straight A student hoping to get into Harvard She has done everything she feels is in her power to get in She is class valedictorian and devotes all her spare time to studying, but when she hears from her guidance counselor that being admitted isn t a sure thing, she begins to panic The only advice her counselor can give her is to get involved in extra curricular activities, but at the end of the school year, there isn t much to choose from Once Liza hears about a student movie being shot, she decides it might be her only chance to show a little diversity in her school career.Chet is Derek s best friend Basically he decides to tag along so he doesn t have to be at home Chet s father is an alcoholic and sometimes knocks Chet around when he s had ...

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    This book was meh I expected action, panic and frenzy, just like the blurb said there would be Sadly the book starts slow, it takes a big part for them to actually go to the asylum hospital After that there are some scary moments, but most of the time it is Greta x Tony, Liza x Derik, Mimi x Chet aka romance and lots of drama talking Also we have some pranks being done by Chet But the whole scary action isn t until almost the last part And by then we are nearing the last few pages so it is quite rushed, and ends for my...

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    this was such a good book

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    This was very entertaining Read it in one day I loved all the characters It was a very nice and fluid read all the way through to the very end I would have really liked to see some real ghost scenes though.

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    Nice one sitter read I m giving this book 3.5 stars It was entertaining, but lacked a real scare factor.If you have read Laurie s most recent books Welcome to the Dark House and Return to the Dark House, you will be familiar with the large cast of characters and having each chapter from a different POV.In this book, Project 17, Derik is a high school kid looking for a way out of the family business He doesn t want to bust his ass in a diner for the rest of his life, even though that is what his parents dream for him When he catches wind of a indie film contest with the winner getting a internship at a reality tv studio, Derik jumps at the chance He just so happens to live in a town that houses a very grand and famous Mental Hospital One that will be demolished in a week Derik is determined to make his movie in that hospital.Derik gets a few kids from his school to participate in this film a couple of drama rats, a goth chick, a class clown and a brainiac Things get really weird when the enter the hospital They feel compelled to stay in that run down asylum and clues lead to a treasure hunt for a missing doll.The book was really easy to read and kept me engaged The only sour part was that there were no true scary moments I know, I know this is a YA novel so it has to be somewhat tame, but reallyno blood No ghostly apparitions The ending seemed tided up the book nicely, bu...

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Project 17 High Atop Hathorne Hill, Near Boston, Sits Danvers State Hospital Built In 1878 And Closed In 1992, This Abandoned Mental Institution Is Rud To Be The Birthplace Of The Lobotomy Locals Have Long Believed The Place To Be Haunted They Tell Stories About The Unmarked Graves In The Back, Of The Cold Spots Felt Throughout The Underground Tunnels, And Of The Treasures Found Inside Patients Personal Items Like Journals, Hair Combs, And Bars Of Soap, Or Even Their Old Medical Records, Left Behind By The State For Trespassers To View.On The Eve Of The Hospital S Demolition, Six Teens Break In To Spend The Night And Film A Movie About Their Adventures For Derik, It S An Opportunity To Win A Filmmaking Contest And Save Himself From A Future Of Flipping Burgers At His Parents Diner For The Others, It S A Chance To Be On TV, Or A Night With No Parents But What Starts As A Playful Dare Quickly Escalates Into A Frenzy Of Nightmarish Action Behind The Crumbling Walls, Down Every Dark Passageway, And In Each Deserted Room, They Will Unravel The Mysteries Of Those Who Once Lived There And The Spirits Who Still Might.