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Night Fall Based On True Events, But Unlike Anything You Ve Ever Read Before, New York Times Bestselling Author Nelson DeMille Has Created What May Be His Finest Work To DateIt Is Dusk On July , A Man And A Woman Who Are Married But Not To Each Other Make Love On A Long Island Beach As A Video Camera Records Their Pleasureand Something Out Over The Ocean, TWA Flight Suddenly Explodes With Victims On Board, The Terrible Blast Illuminating The Sky The Government S Verdict Is Mechanical Failure But The Videotape May Tell Another Story If It Can Be FoundNow On The Fifth Anniversary Of The Crash, Two Members Of The Federal Anti Terrorist Task Force Set Out To Reopen The Case John Corey, An Ex NYPD Detective, And His Wife, Kate Mayfield, A Career FBI Agent Together, They Hunt For The Crucial Videoand Race Towed An Elusive Truth Even Horrifying Than The Crash Itself Back Cover

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    Generally, I m not a fan of political thrillers You say to me, Carol, here s a political thriller I just know you will love and I will not be rushing to the library or my favorite dealer to get a copy Frankly, I find most of them silly and poorly written Government conspiracies Puh leaze Not so believable.At any rate, this one popped up in discussion and due to enthusiasm from Sharon and recommendations from Alfred and others, I think I lost the thread , Sharon and I decided to give it the buddy read treatment I m not a very good reading best friend because I m completely one of those people that talks while reading Or updates Or tends to drop spoilers Or really, really wants to share quotes John Corey is a rather typical, maverick cop, an ex NYPD detective who now works with the FBI on part of a dedicated terrorist task force with his wife, a FBI agent herself Like all great detectives, she has a case that haunts her with its lack of resolution She persuades John to go with her to the memorial for TWA Flight 800, a Paris bound airline that broke apart due to mechanical failure, killing everyone on board At the memorial, a CIA agent that John has a highly antagonistic relationship with warns John to let the case be Like waving a red flagJohn finds himself playing devil s advocate as Kate gradually takes him through the details of the case, but when they get to an unshakable eye witness who swears he saw what seemed to be a missile, even John feels niggling doubts He knows he has to work fast to make progress before he is shut down by his superiors DeMille is clever with pacing in this book It begins with a lurid sex scene hinting at potential video tape, and then moves into detailed background building of the investigation of a crashed plane It could have easily been boring, but I was quickly engrossed in the details, and I enjoyed the complex motivation of justice, stubbornness and independence that keeps John on the case But it wasn t about Kate or me, or anyone else, in or out of the government It was about them 230 of them And their families and loved ones, the people who had placed roses on the seats of the aircraft, and who had lit the candles and waded into the ocean, and thrown the flowers into the sea And the people who haven t been at the service, who sat at home tonight and cried John uses old contacts in the NYPD to do some investigating, and doggedly tracks the pieces leading to the potential videotape There was a very police procedural aspect to it it felt real, somewhat slowly methodical, and somewhat maddening as John runs into leads seemingly dead ended by someone Meanwhile, superiors at the Task Force are bringing pressure to bear and threatening both him and Kate It morphs into a thriller, leading me to turn pages faster and faster by the end.I enjoyed the characterization I found John to be rather typical of the maverick detective school the one who is willing to flaunt authority, but because of his amazing skill remains useful and not completely ostracized He is, of course, very attractive to the ladies, but avoids further entanglements due to his commitment to Kate Kate was an interesting foil whose lingering compassion for the loved ones sets off an investigation she is ambivalent about Although never really fleshed out well, we get a sense that John both loves and respects her, despite occasionally antagonistic behaviors In fact, they felt like a real couple I immediately wanted to read books with him and thought of starting with the first, Plum Island, but basically heard he was exponentially of a chauvinist or the writing was in that one, so it s a pass until I need a rant read.Plotting was solid, with a couple of quirks that will linger.MILD SPOILER view spoiler at one point, Kate and John are sent on separate missions overseas for the Task Force It seemed an odd authorial transition, but was most likely an attempt to bring in question of international terrorist cell involvement The section was generally underwritten, and didn t seem to add much to the story, although John did lose the beer weight he was carrying hide spoiler

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    This book was 692 pages For 690 pages it was one of the best books I ve ever read and then DeMille completely ruined it with one of the most piece of crap, cop out endings I ve ever seen coming a mile away He even admits that he had no idea how to finish this book and his son came up with the idea for the ending I guess that s the problem with writing a story based on a real life event You can t really change history or present facts that didn t actually happen, so he completely wrote himself into a corner and had to find a way out.I was 3 4 of the way through this book and had it not been so late at night, I would ve immediately gone out to the bookstore and bought everything he had ever written I m not picking up another one of his books now Seriously, the ending of this book is just brutal and it completely ruins how outstanding the rest of the book was I m getting disappointed all over again as I write this review I was actively angry when I finished the book because of what a dumpster fire on an ending it has.

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    Oh my god No amount of planning could prepare me to pen a deserving review for Night Fall I will never ever read such a large book in so short a time It was unbelievable This is why I read books After this, if I have to ditch 10 books in a row, it will be worth it When I was reading Night Fall, I thought no way does this book get 4 5 stars But it occurred that all events converged on the remaining chapters That is the only way an okay setup book jumps from okay to amazing The most recent film that I ve seen that had that structure was Miyazaki s The Wind Rises The end made the preceding story spine tingling I want to convince you that Night Fall is an amazing book You should read it Reading, for the moment for me, is so much better than movies or music It s the remaining medium in which I have faith and which delivers often than not Night Fall comprises of 672 pages I went through them like that For a story of its type there were few people to keep track of John Corey always surprises me He keeps needing to remind me that he does detect and solves mysteries, which is usually not the priority in the twist obsessed world of the thriller The genius thing about this book is when the hero and his wife are exiled from the USA We don t see their extradition Bang, immediately in the next chapter Corey returns home, and takes up the forbidden, conspiracy laced case and follows its trail from the airport I will not trade that moment for any other memory of any book that I ve read Take a bow Nelson Demille, for this book is surely your masterpiece I feel strongly about the Jill Winslow character She was a real tragic figure, and I was against her in the beginning What a turnaround This is what good art does It plays with our emotions without making us aware of the manipulation I will re read this book soon I have to I m still not sure how this embarking became a stroll in the park.

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    This book and I may have gotten off on the wrong foot I wanted to revisit Nelson DeMille I read Plum Island years ago and remembered really enjoying it, especially protagonist John Corey s smartass sense of humor I recall very little about the book, other than a row between Corey and a villain which ends up with Corey disemboweling him, and proceeding to lay the contents on his open stomach with a flourish Your guts, I declared That s a line that stays with you when you re young.Upon recommendation thanks, Don , I picked up Night Fall, not giving the synopsis a glance This may have been an issue, as the whole book deals with speculation and conspiracy theories surrounding TWA Flight 800, which exploded off the coast of Long Island in 1996 I had just graduated from high school and remember hearing the news quite vividly I remember all of the initial eye witness accounts reporting what seemed to be a missile heading towards the plane before its explosion, and then how all of those reports seemed to just die down Mechanical trouble, the final report stated.DeMille gives a great forward about why he felt compelled to write about the explosion exploring multiple theories, including the official conclusion framing events and eye witness accounts within a fictional detective yarn Part of me was up for the journey Who doesn t like a good conspiracy theory The other part of me was conflicted about the subject matter What I liked most about DeMille s main guy last time around was his sarcasm, and I just didn t know if I could stomach sarcasm or jokes about something that felt like it happened yesterday I ve suffered from a fear of flying my whole life, so when I hear about a plane crash, hijacking, etc., I go to a bad place and stay there For an uncomfortable amount of time It s a tragic event, and while I think DeMille s intentions were good, this obviously impacted any pleasure I was hoping to glean from a light, fun read I mean, I was BUDDY READING this book More on that later Anyway, I read somewhere once in the rules of crime solving that a detective can t solve a case until he turns in his gun and his badge that any grocery bag has to have a baguette peaking out from the top that a man can take a gunshot wound like a champ but will flinch in distress if a woman is cleaning out his paper cut many of these cliches hold true in this novel, but DeMille is clever enough to make them part of the fun And as the story moves farther from the details of the crash, and deeper into the intricacies of Corey s detective work and one liners, I felt my enjoyment cautiously growing Nelson knows how to get you to turn those pages, and as Corey s wife Kate must do on multiple occasions, you just want to roll your eyes when Corey s being the colossal dick he fully acknowledges he s being And then give him a big old bear hug and say fondly, oh, John Until all enjoyment abruptly stopped When I registered where the final pages were headed and I had my suspicions early on , I couldn t help feeling tricked and disappointed Harsh Maybe But in the interest of being spoiler free, let s just say my initial intuition that the subject matter was too much for me was accurate And I certainly didn t get the resolution that is so satisfying in detective novels.Would I read another DeMille I would he knows how to write page turners, and make me chuckle This just happened to be the wrong pick for yours truly Rating 4 for readability, 2 for subject matter, 2 when I compare it to the other DeMille I ve read, Plum Island 5 for book club worthiness I settled on a 3.This marks the second book of the year that I have buddy read The first being The End of the Affair with Joe Valdez spoiler He hated it I loved it this one with whip smart Carol I love all you people on Goodreads, but Carol is one of my faves I always look forward to her smart, opinionated reviews she has a critical, discerning eye, which she applies to any genre she reads fantasy, sci fi, mystery She loves strong women, kickass authors like Octavia Butler, and when I picture her writing her reviews, I picture her thoughtfully staring into space like her awesome avatar I also discovered quite recently that she is a speed reader Check out her review of Dune you won t regret it.I m very curious to see where Carol lands with Night Fall, but regardless of her final rating, I m sure I ll enjoy the review.

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    Wow I m shattered, shocked and awed by this novel Pay special close attention to the time frame in the book TWA Flight 800 tragedy 1996, the 5 year anniversary 2001 I was so engrossed in this fast paced, action packed, novel that I absolutely did not see the end coming Holy Shit I said to myself and No Way I had to go back and look When you read this you ll be in for the ride of your life and the tension will grow and grow, and you will become shattered at the end I hate cliffhangers but I ll make an exception this ONE time and only because this thriller was written by a mastermind of a writer Nelson DeMille is sneaky, clever, and just downright astonishingly intelligent when it comes to creative writing Just WOW John Corey is still his obnoxiously sarcastic self and one of the most fun alpha males in the fictional world and he kicks butt For truth, for justice and with much patriotism as well as doing the right thing However, in the real world, he would not get any second, third or fourth chances and so some of DeMille s choices in his writing can be a roll eyes , yeah, right , type of read but quite entertaining READ THIS BOOK It will shatter you too

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    Once again Mark Twain s formula for an American crime writer of killing everybody off at the end is followed This time September 11th does it, wiping out witnesses and conspirators alike Too bad For almost 500 pages we surely want to know who targeted this flight and why was there a cover up There is much humour and suspense through out but the essentials are unanswered.

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    Demille s books seem to be reliably good at least this series has been so far I m getting these from the public library hey, I m already looking at having to reduce the size of my own librarya lot i can t buy every book I read That means i usually have to put these on hold and wait to get them.As I did this one.This volume of the lives of our heros begins a little slowly or maybe I should use the word obliquely than the first two Hang in there it will grab you.Kate Mayfield has ghosts haunting her and as the book opens a particularly tricky and dangerous one And she gets John Corey involved.Things go down a somewhat predictable road after that but there are enough twists and turns leading to the strange conclusion that it s all worth it.And be ready to want the next novel Recommended Enjoy.

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    Spoiler I love Nelson Demille books I love conspiracy theories I absolutely can not stand it when there isn t an ending and nothing gets solved.I rated this a 3 because it was highly entertaining But as I was nearing the end I thought that there was a good chance we wouldn t get any answersand we didn t Though it isn t like this book is a history book that has all the details I know it s a piece of fiction but, come on, finish the da n story I m frustrated, but I literally just finished it Perhaps tomorrow I ll like it .

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    DeMille s wit is in full effect in the suspenseful thriller Made me laugh over and over and over again The characters are likeable and believable, the story has the right level of sophistication and many of the theories in the book are based on verifiable facts and eyewitness statements regarding TWA Flight 800 Some readers have been and will continue to be displeased by the last couple pages I, on the other hand, felt it was a perfect conclusion to a fastastic and wildly entertaining story.

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    This was one of those novels that the pre release hype was so great that as a reader, I was not sure what to expect but Night Fall with a few small exceptions lived up to the media hubbub The novel starts with a flashback scene that takes us to the Atlantic coast on the fateful night of the TWA flight 800 crash On the beach, two consenting adults are enjoying their night out and for posterity sake filmed the evening On this tape, the accident and a strange shooting light is trapped on celluloid.Cut to five years later and we are introduced to FBI consultant John Corey and his wife Kate Mayfield, recurring characters from DeMille s other works Mayfield having been an investigator at the original scene is concerned with eye witness discrepancies, the TSA s official cause and other miss steps As her concern builds, her husband becomes interested as well.What follows is a tightly scripted story with twists at every turn right up until an explosive ending that can leave the reader with an adrenaline high or a sense of bewilderment Overall, Night Fall was a wonderful read but may disappoint readers who are looking for answers and not just a compelling novel.

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