Midaq Alley

Never has Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz s talent for rich and luxurious storytelling been evident than in Midaq Alley, which centers around the residents of one of the hustling, teeming back alleys of Cairo From Zaita the cripple maker to Kirsha the caf owner with a taste for young boys

The Man Handler

Bianca Rivers has an overpowering love and passion for sexuality, and the ability to satisfy it without fear or regret She makes no excuses for her highly charged libido as she shares her fantasies and explosive sexual encounters Embracing her womanhood and indulging in her sexual desires without

Cairo: The City Victorious

From a noted journalist who has spent much of his life in Cairo, here is a dazzling cultural excavation of that most ancient, colorful, and multifaceted of cities The seat of pharaohs and sultans, the prize of conquerors from Alexander to Saladin to Napoleon, Cairo nicknamed the Victorious has

The Yacoubian Building

This controversial bestselling novel in the Arab world reveals the political corruption, sexual repression, religious extremism, and modern hopes of Egypt today All manner of flawed and fragile humanity reside in the Yacoubian Building, a once elegant temple of Art Deco splendor now slowly decaying

Big Booty

Overflowing with juicy gossip, passion, over the top antics, and drama than a Jerry Springer marathon, Big Booty keeps readers on the edge of their seats wondering what happens next.Overflowing with juicy gossip, passion, over the top antics, and drama than a Jerry Springer marathon, Big

Kitty-Kitty, Bang-Bang

With murder, mayhem and hot sex, Kitty Kitty, Bang Bang is a wickedly delicious sequel to The Kat Trap It was her cutthroat ambition and ruthlessness that got Katrinaor Kat for short, out of the hood and on top of her game Once a murderer on a seductive prowl with two missions in mindsatisfying

The Kat Trap

A sexy, raw debut novel about the life of a young murderess who lures her victims to their own deaths by seducing them Ghetto born and street raised, Katrina or Kat for short, is a self proclaimed hood goddess With her in your face razor sharp attitude, alluring charm, and exotic beauty,