Shakespeare for Squirrels

Shakespeare meets Dashiell Hammett in this wildly entertaining murder mystery from New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore an uproarious, hardboiled take on the Bard s most performed play, A Midsummer Night s Dream, featuring Pocket, the hero of Fool and The Serpent of Venice, along with

The Fascinators

A magic infused YA novel about friendship, first love, and feeling out of place that will bewitch fans of Rainbow Rowell and Maggie Stiefvater n nLiving in a small town where magic is frowned upon, Sam needs his friends James and Delia and their time together in their school s magic club to see him t

Boys of Alabama

In this bewitching debut novel, a sensitive teen, newly arrived in Alabama, falls in love, questions his faith, and navigates a strange power While his German parents don t know what to make of a South pining for the past, shy Max thrives in the thick heat Taken in by the football team, he learns

A Taste of Sage

Lumi Santana is a chef with a gift she can perceive a person s emotions by tasting their cooking Despite being raised by a mother who taught her that dreams and true love were silly fairy tales, she puts her heart and savings into opening her own fusion restaurant in Upper Manhattan The restauran

The Elephant's Girl

An elephant never forgetsbut Lexington Willow can t remember her past When she was a toddler, a tornado swept her away from everyone and everything she knew and landed her near an enclosure in a Nebraska zoo, where an elephant named Nyah protected her from the storm With no trace of her family,

Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know

Told in alternating narratives that bridge centuries, the latest novel from New York Times bestselling author Samira Ahmed traces the lives of two young women fighting to write their own stories and escape the pressure of familial burdens and cultural expectations in worlds too long defined by men n

The Age of Witches

Harriet Bishop, descended from a long line of witches, uses magic to help women in need not only ordinary women, but also those with powers of their own She must intervene when a distant cousin wields dangerous magic to change the lives of two unsuspecting young people one of whom might just

The Deck of Omens (The Devouring Gray, #2)

The teenagers of Four Paths must save their home n nThough the Beast is seemingly subdued for now, a new threat looms in Four Paths a corruption seeping from the Gray into the forest And with the other Founders preoccupied by their tangled alliances and fraying relationships, only May Hawthorne see

The Immortals of Tehran

As a child living in his family s apple orchard, Ahmad Torkash Vand treasures his great great great great grandfather s every mesmerizing word On the day of his father s death, Ahmad listens closely as the seemingly immortal elder tells him the tale of a centuries old family curse and the boy

Into the Tall, Tall Grass

A girl journeys across her family s land to save her grandmother s life.Yolanda Rodr guez O Connell has a secret All the members of her family have a magical gift all, that is, except for Yolanda Still, it s something she can never talk about, or the townsfolk will call her family brujas witches.