Trilobite: Eyewitness to Evolution

With Trilobite, Richard Fortey, paleontologist and author of the acclaimed Life, offers a marvelously written, smart and compelling, accessible and witty scientific narrative of the most ubiquitous of fossil creatures.Trilobites were shelled animals that lived in the oceans over five hundred million

Remarkable Creatures

In 1810, a sister and brother uncover the fossilized skull of an unknown animal in the cliffs on the south coast of England With its long snout and prominent teeth, it might be a crocodile except that it has a huge, bulbous eye Remarkable Creatures is the story of Mary Anning, who has a talent f

T. Rex and the Crater of Doom

The story of one of the greatest adventures of twentieth century science, told by the central figure It is a great read for both scientist and layperson Richard Muller, author of Nemesis The Death Star Sixty five million years ago, a comet or asteroid larger than Mt Everest slammed into

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

Over the last half billion years, there have been five mass extinctions, when the diversity of life on earth suddenly and dramatically contracted Scientists around the world are currently monitoring the sixth extinction, predicted to be the most devastating extinction event since the asteroid impac