The Complex

THE 6TH THREE BOOK SET IN THIS EXCITING SERIES FROM THUNDERSTORM BOOKS n nMeet the residents of the Pine Village Apartment Complex A young trans woman looking for acceptance A suicidal middle aged horror writer A single mother worried about her child A Vietnam veteran who feels the world has forg


WARNING THIS IS AN EXTREME HORROR NOVELLA Although not as bad as some of Matt Shaw s other titles, there is still gore There is bad language There are scenes of a sexual nature But hidden underneath it all is also a chilling story Please do not purchase this book if you are easily shocked, dis

The Art of Horrible People

From Hollywood film studios to high security psychiatric facilities, there is an art to being a horrible person Splatterpunk legend John Skipp turns the mirror back on ourselves, showing us all the ways that make us the worst monsters of all n nA decade in the making, The Art of Horrible People col

White Trash Gothic

From the master of extreme horror, Edward Lee, author of over fifty books that have redefined the boundaries of depravity in fiction, comes a novel that brings together all of his most extreme characters into one epic, gut wrenching masterpiece of terror Plagued by nightmares of torture and intens

Year's Best Hardcore Horror, Volume 2

Comet Press is extremely proud to present its second annual anthology featuring this year s hardcore corps of authors with the best extreme horror fiction of 2016 that breaks boundaries and trashes taboos n nSelected from indie publishers and magazines such as Weirdpunk Books, Necro Publications, Spl

Year's Best Hardcore Horror Volume 3

Comet Press is extremely proud to present its third annual anthology featuring this year s hardcore corps of authors with the best extreme horror fiction of 2017 that breaks boundaries and trashes taboos n nIt was a killer year for horror fiction of the harder kind Authors, editors and publishers pr

Killer Chronicles

True crime blogger, Christina Cunningham, craves legitimacy She works hard and travels often to make sure her website, Killer Chronicles, has quality content When she finds herself in her home state of West Virginia writing about two odd and gruesome murders, she thinks it is business as usual n nT

They Kill

What are you willing to do, what are you willing to become, to save someone you love On the one year anniversary of his death in a terrible car accident, Sierra Sowell s brother Jeffrey is resurrected by a mysterious man known only as Corliss Corliss also transforms several people in Sierra s life

Year's Best Hardcore Horror Volume 1

Excerpt from the Introduction Editors Randy Chandler and Cheryl Mullenax put the call out to horror writers and editors of extreme stories, the hardcore stuff that breaks boundaries and trashes taboos, the transgressive tales you can t unread as Chuck Palahniuk says We staked out our territor

Texas Chainsaw Mantis

Praying Mantises have evolved into the dominant species on Earth, having wiped out humans years ago after a genetic experiment evolved the species into man sized, super intelligent insects But they don t just roam the planet aimlessly The Mantises have taken over our jobs Kept the generators runn

All Hallow's Dead

ALL HALLOW S DEAD is the best slasher movie that no one would have the balls to make disturbing and violent, but with that extra dash of melancholy that makes Bryan Smith s novels stand out from the pack Another great read from one of my favorite authors Trent Haaga, director of CHOP and scre


Rick Nicholson loves his new job at Bent Creek Country Club and Resorts The exclusive five star hotel, located on forty square miles of rolling forests and picturesque prairies, is a perfect getaway for the affluent, and a monument to prestige Bent Creek offers it all at a price But Rick soon

Terra Insanus

From the most disturbing mind in modern horror, Edward Lee, comes four stories of extreme perversion and visceral horror THE STICK WOMAN Priscilla has been held hostage, physically mutilated, and fed feces for years And her situation is about to get much, much worse SHIT HOUSE How bad is th


Absolutely gut wrenching Kyle M Scott will turn your stomach as you keep turning pages Tim Miller, author of Hacked and Hell, Texas When Waldo s Burger Emporium rolls into the small town of Plainfield, Ohio, to open the doors of its first fast food restaurant, the whole town is excited It

Off Season (Dead River, #1)

September A beautiful New York editor retreats to a lonely cabin on a hill in the quiet Maine beach town of Dead River off season awaiting her sister and friends Nearby, a savage human family with a taste for flesh lurks in the darkening woods, watching, waiting for the moon to rise and night to f

The Woods Are Dark

If you ve missed Laymon, you ve missed a treat Stephen King n nIn the woods are six dead trees The Killing Trees That s where they take them Innocent travellers on the road in California Seized and bound, stripped of their valuables and shackled to the Trees To wait In the woods In the dark.

The Resurrectionist

Dale has the miraculous ability to heal and raise the recent dead But he s also insane When he uses his power to brutally kill the woman next door, night after night, no one will believe her impossible story, so it s up to her to find a way to end the living nightmare.

The Summer I Died (The Roger Huntington Saga, #1)

So much screaming When Roger Huntington comes home from college for the summer and is met by his best friend, Tooth, he knows they re going to have a good time A summer full of beer, comic books, movies, laughs, and maybe even girls So much pain The sun is high and the sky is clear as Roger and

The Light at the End

An adrenaline charged tale of unrelenting suspense that sparks with raw and savage energy The newspapers scream out headlines that spark terror across the city Ten murders on the New York City subway Ten grisly crimes that defy all reason no pattern, no m.o., no leads for police to pursue T